Commercial Refurbishments

Commercial Refurbishments in London by VDL Construction

Commercial Refurbishments in London by VDL ConstructionHere at VDL Construction Ltd, we specialise in providing a range of commercial refurbishment services throughout London. If your shop or your office is starting to look a little bit drab and you want to breathe a bit of life into your property, look no further than VDL Construction Ltd!

Office and Shop Refurbishments in London

Whether you have an office, a shop or any other type of commercial property, over time you will want to have the design of your building modernised to suit contemporary styles. At VDL Construction Ltd, we can complete a wide range of refurbishment services to get your property looking exactly how you want.

Suspended Ceilings in London

The first thing to note about any suspended ceiling is that they must meet all relevant government legislation and building regulations. As such, at VDL Construction Ltd, we can install any type of suspended ceiling in your property, using only the highest-quality material available. The types of suspended ceilings that we can install are:

  • Modular Ceilings
  • MF Ceiling Systems
  • Lay-In-Grid Ceilings
  • Bulkheads
  • Burgess Ceilings
  • Clean Room Ceiling Grids

Partitions in London

Office partitions, particularly glass partitions, are used to create a contemporary, open interior design. Whether you are wanting to create a new meeting room, private offices or much more, partitions are an excellent way of doing thins. Not only are they relatively quick and easy to put up, but they can also be demounted and put up again in another location, allowing you to refresh and reshape your commercial property as often as you like.

Dot and Dabbing in London

Dot and dab is the process of applying an adhesive to a surface so that you can then attach some plasterboard to this area, creating a smooth, flat surface. This is perfect for creating a quick wall that can easily be hung and decorated.

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